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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

George Eagles SOAR!

Safety, On Task, Always Respectful, Responsible!

At George, the four behavioral expectations are safety, on task, always repsectful, and responsible.  A matrix has been created that outlines what safety, on task, always respectful, and responsible behavior looks like in the key areas of the school.  Students are taught the behavioral expectations at the beginning of the year and go through a review each month.  Students who demonstrate safety, on task, always respectful, and responsible behavior receive SOAR Tickets.  SOAR Tickets can be used at the student store, for monthly drawings for ice cream with the principal, student of the month drawings, and/or positive notes or phone calls home.

Features of PBIS

  • Prevention
  • Define and teach positive social expectations
  • Acknowledge positive behavior
  • Arrange consistent consequences for problem behavior
  • On-going collection and use of data for decision making
  • Continuum of intensive, individual interventions and supports
  • Implementation of the systems that support effective practices


  • Up to a 50% reduction in office referral rates per year (and corresponding reduction in suspension and expulsion rates)
  • Improved attendance rates
  • Improved academic achievement
  • Improved staff perceptions of school safety and atmosphere


If you are looking to work with your child on their social skills, PBIS world is a great resource.  Click here to visit their website full of resources.


The Anti-Bullying program at George is Safe School Ambassadors.  Click here to learn more about the Safe School Ambassador program.